How Sara Met Sarah

Sara:  How did we meet again? work?

Sarah :  Work. A million years ago, give or take.

Sara:  I've been told that I "date stamp" things, so i'd say it was summer of 2001, right?

Sarah:  Don't ask me, Rain Man. If you say summer of 2001, I believe you. I do know it was at my office.

Sara:  Yes, definitely at your office. I had to go there to look thru about 1,000 boxes (or at least it seemed that way).

Sarah:  There were 106 boxes. There's a number that's burned on my brain. I remember you were with a couple other people that first time and I think you went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.

Sara:  Seriously, only 106? It had to be more than that!!!! But I will defer to you since they were "your" boxes. A Chinese restaurant? That I don't remember - and I usually remember things like fried crab wontons. Are you sure it was only 106? I worked on those boxes in the summer 2001 and then AGAIN in 2002 when I “came back" to Arizona ... because you know I had to leave to go back to college in North Carolina. It was so long ago.

Sarah:  106. I remember because the bank of shelves only held 100 boxes so the extra six had to go on a different bank of shelves on the other side of the room. It annoyed the hell out of me. There were also the claim files, which weren't in boxes. Yup, 106. I remember it as clearly as I remember you ate lunch at the “old” Autumn Court Chinese Restaurant. When did you move permanently to Arizona?

Sara:  Ok, ok, you’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right. The claim files - maybe that's what I'm thinking was so big. Autumn Court Chinese Restaurant? The name doesn't even ring a bell; you been there? Should we go back?

Sarah:  I think the old Autumn Court closed when they built the light rail. It was a Phoenix landmark. There’s a new Autumn Court somewhere. I can’t say I’ve ever been to either one.

Sara:  I came to Arizona first in summer 2000, came back in summer 2001 (when we met), and then came permanently in January 2002. When did you land here?

Sarah:  I showed up in October 1994 after a year in Paris, France. I drove my grandma down from Minnesota and ended up staying. I've lived here since, though there are the mystery years in the late 90s when I didn't really live anywhere, but a variety of airports.

Sara:  Interesting... sounds like there’s a story behind that. So, we met in 2001 ... when did we realize we were the only ones getting along on that case? Do you remember?

Sarah:  Man, from my end, it was right off the bat. That was one contentious lawsuit. I don't think I ever heard one good thing about your firm from the people I was working for. I remember our attorneys being amazed when I called you and asked for a document and you sent it. Since you were one of the devil’s minions, they never thought you’d share it with me.

Sara:  Ha ha ha! Yes, I remember us being coined the "Sarahs” back then because we seemed to be the only link between the 2 sides. I think everyone (including us) preferred it that way; we got to chat, and they got to avoid each other!

Sarah:  When, though, did we discover that we both liked to knit?

Sara:  OK, this YOU remember! You said that after Thanksgiving 2003 you asked me how my holiday was, and I casually mentioned that I had a blast in Kansas with my future family and that my future mother-in-law taught me how to knit! That was a fun weekend—trips to Wal-Mart (Dodge City Kansas has nowhere else to buy yarn), lots of Yahtzee, and lots of cocktails. I digress. I mentioned this to you and you said something like, “What do you know, I've been knitting since I was about 2 years old!” You started at 2, right?

Sarah:  Ya, 2 months old. Okay, I forgot that I remember that. You weren't engaged yet, though. That definitely came later. I actually learned to knit when I was 12. I learned to crochet at 8.

Sara:  You're funny! And you're right, I was not yet engaged (date stamp coming: engagement July 2004). 12 and 8? Is that normal? Who taught you?

Sarah:  Well, my mom's business partner Mary Zimmerman taught me to crochet. I learned to knit in Home Ec class from my teacher Mrs. Geary. Back in the olden days, when I was in middle school (and you weren't born yet), they still had ideas about teaching girls home arts. I do remember that you were instantly obsessed with knitting.

Sara:  Home Ec- I got ripped off there! I never had that class and I am sure it would have been my absolute favorite class! I was born in the wrong generation, for sure. Watching Mad Men and those clothes has affirmed that thought. Yes, I did love knitting right away. LOVED. IT. I still have my first scarf – a holey scarf that I'll never wear but will never part with.

Sarah:  My first project was a scarf that I gave to my Uncle Terry. He still wears it!

Sara:  Show off! Of course your first project was wearable. When did we start our knitting club? That was fun! I remember my first 'ambitious' project - a felted bag. You introduced me to double pointed needles (!!) at that point!  

Sarah:  Yes, my first project was wearable; only one small mistake on it, and perfectly even tension. I made a lot of scarves, then I made my first sweater when I was 18. I bought the yarn in London which is the only reason I know I was 18. I can't remember when the stitch-n-bitch started, but I do remember that we were the only ones who ever stitched! Perhaps, that's why it didn't last.

Sara:  London too? You're well travelled. Yeah, I don't remember our stitch-n-bitch start date either , but it was a long time ago! I did still live in my condo then, so it must have been pre-2005. The others, I think, were more interested in the food & wine.

Sarah:  I was very interested in the food and wine myself, but I can eat, drink and knit simultaneously. One time, when I was in college, one of my roommates came home and burst out laughing at me because I was reading a book, watching tv, eating dinner and knitting at the same time. I’m older now so I try to keep it down to three things at once. I do remember going to your condo for s-n-b right after you got engaged. You made these really good mini-sandwiches with cream cheese in them. They looked like flying saucers.

Sara:  Yeah, those sandwiches are good. We may need those on our next planning day. Hey, at some point I wanted to sew; so me, you, Jan and Julie set up shop in your old house to make that Amy Butler bag with Timtex. I did NOT like working with that stuff! I think you sewed my whole bag for me because I was complaining so much! I still have that bag, and I've seen Julie's scraps in your craf-a-teria recently!

Sarah:  I do remember the early sewing lesson. It all just sort of happened, didn't it? We just started hanging out a little, then a little more, then a little more...

Sara:  Yeah, it was, “Sarah, can you help me make a knitting needle case?” - check. “Nursing cover?” - check. Then there were your fun cocktail parties with all your crafty friends. Somewhere it just spiraled and now it's been ... 9 years!

Sarah:  Nine years and twice that many hair colors for you! My hair has been black tending toward grey the entire time. And, Timtex isn't that bad. It was the precursor to fusable fleece. I consider myself a defender of Timtex! It still has some good applications. It kind of sounds like you get a lot more out of this relationship, however, I’ll point out that I am well-fed everytime we get together at your house, which is often.

Sara:  OHHHH.. speaking of which, we’ve hardly mentioned our mutual love of food, bacon in particular! And ice cream. And bread. And pizza. And cinnamon rolls. And being well-fed is a very important thing! How did we come up with this blog idea? You came up with the competition aspect didn't you? Oh, and cream cheese.

Sarah:  I think you were pushing the blog idea and I came up with the competition while I was teaching you to sew your first quilt, which we have to finish, by the way. We ditched working on the quilts to work on a clutch instead. I said we could both work on the same thing, post it and have people vote on their favorite. We can't forgot pepper jelly, and salsa, and popcorn with butter, and mint chocolate chip grasshopper martinis. I also remember talk of a yarn store. Then you discovered sewing and your whole world changed.

Sara:  Oh yeah and grilled cheeses! I've thought you/we should do a craft blog for years. I'm so glad it's coming together. The quilts ... yes, we have to finish those. Perhaps a bonus challenge?  The yarn store would've been great BUT, you're right, sewing changed it all. Now I think we should set our sights on a full crafting experience with food. You know a place to hang out, craft, learn, chat, eat. I'd like to live there. You?

Sarah:  I'm totally down with that. Let's get a liquor license, too. I think, however, it's time for me to set my sights on going to bed.

Sara:  Bed? I just poured another glass of wine! Okay, ‘night... liquor license - check.

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