Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Project!

Sara and I got together today to work on this blog.  We were both so excited we were like kids on Christmas morning.  Very large, very mature looking kids.  

We started off, as we often start off, with food. Sara brought blueberry scones and I broke open a jar of homemade, home canned lemon curd.  Of course, we had a good, strong pot of coffee to go along with that.

I'll just tell you about lunch now.  Grilled cheese sandwiches.  I have to say, I make a darn good grilled cheese.  I used sourdough bread from Wildflower Bread Co. and Havarti cheese freshly grated with my trusty Mouli-grater (a kitchen implement I could not live without).  After grating the Havarti and spreading it on the bread, I sprinkled on just a bit of garlic powder and ground cumin.  Grill that up in a little butter (actually, an ample amount of butter) and you have an amazing grilled cheese.  I didn't take a photo.  To show you that would just be torture.

In between the eating.  We made lists and planned, and designed, and posted the heck out of this thing.  Please don't forget to vote for whom you think did the best job on the Names Challenge. Sara's submission is always on the left and mine (Sarah's) is always on the right.  I'll make you a grilled cheese if you vote for me (not that I'm pandering).

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Sara said...

Yes, today was a super fun day ... full of planning, designing and eating! Sarah - with an h- thanks for the lemon curd & grilled cheeses - they truly are THE BEST!

Terry said...

Ok, this is the most fun yet ! And yes I cheated and voted for the Sarah I admire but I might come back and vote more, is this like American Idol? So do I get grilled Cheese? It sounds wonderful and I would just need a spoon to go with the lemon curd ! I will be back !!!!

Christa Meland said...

Wow, I LOVE this blog! It's so cute-looking AND the competition idea is fabulous! I love how the blog ties into your own personal blogs, too. Nice going, Sarah and Sara! (P.S. Sarah, I voted for your entry this week, and not just because you're my cousin!, so I expect one of those mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwiches the next time I come to Arizona!)

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