Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tracy Partridge and the Trellis

Oy.  Where do I start?  This one wasn’t easy for me.  I’m not 100% happy with my project and it suffered due to my poor time management over the last two weeks.  The Great Deadline War, now in its 44th year.  It won this battle, but I’ll come back.

I’ll say this, I love the concept which I think of as “Tracy Partridge and the Trellis.”  I didn’t intend for the little girl to look like Tracy Partridge, but she sort of ended up looking that way, didn’t she?  Try picturing her with a tambourine.  Now does she look like Tracy Partridge?  Tracy is hand-appliquéd and I developed the pattern from the drawing on an old sewing pattern. 

Tracy was originally intended to have a headband that would be loose and could have things clipped to it.  I couldn’t make that work.  The sash, however, is loose and can have barrettes or small hair clips hung from it.

The trellis is the main place for storage.  My thought was that in addition to clipping bows, barrettes and the like to the ribbons, the flowers could be used to hang necklaces.  Now look at my picture at the top of this page and consider the fact that I have no daughters.  Ya, not a single hair bow to be found in this house to demonstrate the usefulness of the hair bow trellis. 

Last, but not least is the flower pot at the bottom.  This is for your various ponytail holders.  This is a spray painted cheese container that has been cut in half and attached to the background.  You can buy a spray paint that has the look and texture of terra cotta.  It’s great stuff if you have stuff that isn’t terra cotta, but you want it to look like terra cotta.

Something that got left off are large loops that were suppose to hang from the bottom of the frame.  The loops were going to be for headband storage.  It was after 11:00pm and I had to be up early for work so I opted for bed, not loops.  All nighters were never my thing.

So there’s my story.  Vote for me!  The tiara is the only hair accessory I have so I think it should stay with me!
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Sara said...

Sarah - darnit! I should've loaned you some of my hair accessories for props! Why didn't I think of that!

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