Monday, August 16, 2010

Thinking Outside the Litter Box

Some people would use a throw, a doily, or a coordinating fabric to cover the arms of their sofa.  I just use the cat.  Meet Frank Borman.  Frank Borman is 15 years old and weighs 15 pounds.  He was named, of course, for astronaut Frank Borman who commanded Apollo 8.  I'm a bit geeky about things having to do with the space program.

Changing the subject completely, the most terrible thing happened today.  They changed the vending machines at work!  I went down to get some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  It was selection F7 in the old machine.  The new machine had no Peanut Butter Cups!  None!  I had to settle for a Butterfinger and, to top it all off, they raised the price to $1.00.  Has the world gone mad?!

I was canning again over the weekend.  This time it was more pepper jelly, salsa and lemon curd.  This batch of pepper jelly was one big "fail."  It didn't gel (or is that "jell" in this case).  I suppose I could open it all up, reboil it and recan it, but it seems easier to toss it out, wash the jars and start from scratch.

The lemon curd, however, is awesome!  Did you know you can process it and keep it on the shelf?  The National Center for Home Food Preservation says so right here:  However, it has eggs and I'm a little paranoid so I'm keeping it in the fridge just in case.  I did use their recipe and it's really tasty.  Sara is coming over on Wednesday with some scones and we'll just see if we can't polish off a jar of the stuff. Pin It

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