Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Welcome to UFO Tuesday

It occurs to me that I haven't shown you much in the way of crafts yet.  That's because I'm working on one big project right now and it's top secret.  My little cousin Christa (who is in her late 20's, but will always be my little cousin Christa) is getting married and I am doing a wedding quilt.  She and her intended, James, know they are getting a quilt, they just don't know what it will be.  I have been diligently cutting out pieces every single night as I sit in front of the TV.  I figure I need to cut out somewhere in the neighborhood of about 5,500 pieces for this quilt.  It's going to take me awhile.

In lieu of showing you what I'm working on, I thought I might show you what I've abandoned.  Yes, it's the UFOs.  I have so many UFOs that I'm going to try to devote my Tuesdays to resurrecting them, and posting them here.  I'm not quite ready to commit to finishing them!

This is the oldest UFO in my collection.  The much punished John Lennon quilt.  That's how I think of it when a quilt and I aren't seeing eye to eye on creative matters.  I put it away to be punished until it promises to be good and can come back out.  The Lennon quilt has been punished several times now over the last 7 years or so.  It's going to be spectacular when it's done.

This 1930s shoo-fly quilt is a filler project.  I really have no idea what I'm doing with these blocks.  I just started making them and thought they would evolve into something.  So far, they have evolved into strips of shoo-fly blocks.  I have a vague idea about an applique border, but let's not rush into these things.

This is a more recent quilt and one for which I harbor some disdain.  I think it's lovely, but it was while working on this quilt that I had to admit that my eyesight was starting to go.  I have never had to wear glasses and I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that I need to.  It makes me mad every time I look at this thing.  Another thing about this quilt is that it's a Piece 'o' Cake pattern.  I rarely follow patterns.  So far I've stuck to it pretty well, but at some point, I expect my rebellious nature to kick in and make "improvements."

Here's another recent one.  This is a handkerchief quilt.  I really don't know how to make a handkerchief quilt so I'm completely flying by the seat of my pants on this one.  My plan has been to fuse the handkerchiefs to a backing fabric, machine applique the edges, if needed, then sew them up.  I think most quilts like this, you just sew the hankies together, but I wanted the edges to show because I think they are pretty.  And it's my nature to make more work for myself, if possible.

That's it for this UFO Tuesday.  If I post 4 UFOs per Tuesday, I ought to catch you up on everything by 2013 at the latest.  I just had an epiphany about adult onset ADD...

Seacreast, out.
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Anonymous said...

The John Lennon quilt will need to come out of time out at some point because it is definitely your brilliant child, worth being patient with, since he will go on to win a noble prize and you can say, "That is my kid!".

Anonymous said...

I really like the John Lennon quilt. It reminds me of the album St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and the movie Yellow Submarine. which was based on the album. Please finish it.

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