Monday, October 11, 2010

Farewell, Old Friend

I made a couple changes in my sewing room this weekend.  One change was because of an awesome Goodwill find.  The other was a needed change, but a bittersweet one.

First, the awesome find.  This is my old cutting table.

I got this drafting table at Goodwill for $15 a few years back.  It makes a great cutting table because the height is adjustable.  You can raise it up so you aren't hunched over the table while you cut.  It was perfectly functional, but as you can see, there is some wasted space beneath it.  I wasn't even  considering a new cutting table when I ran across this at Goodwill:

How cool is that?!  I have no idea what it was originally, but I'm guessing it was some sort of store or bakery display.  It is exactly the right height for cutting, sturdy as can be, plus it has that awesome shelf below to store rulers and other junk (and I have a lot of junk!).  The top turns, too, which doesn't really help me with anything, but it does add to the overall brilliance of this table.  It cost $40 and was worth every penny.

Now for the thing I didn't want to get rid of, but had to (sniff, sniff).  I've been sewing on my old Mission Oak library table for years.  (Sorry, the picture isn't great.)

I picked this table up at a fixtures sale at a store that was going out of business back when I was in college (over 20 years ago).  I still remember I paid $30.  Unfortunately, my beloved table has seen better days and is so rickety that it shakes itself apart when I'm sewing.  I've had to cobble it back together several times.

Since I was moving stuff around anyway, I decided I had better face the fact that it was time move on to a new table.  Lucky for me, I have a collection of formica tables available for use. So here's the new table!

I searched the thrift stores for years looking for a formica table.  After 15 years, I found three of them within ten days.  Most people would have bought just one, but I bought all three!  I have an awesome red one in my dining room, and a drop leaf version with really fun 1950s starbursts on it in the Craf-a-teria.  And now, the grey one with the fun leg detail has found a home in my sewing room.

I'll miss my old library table.  Funny how a person can get so attached to something like that.

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SuzyQSparkles said...

This summer I gave up my beloved kitchen table. I've had it since I first moved out of my parents. My Grandad bought it for me. Whenever I moved, I was always so happy to see it. I really loved it. But it's style (country) no longer fit my home. My hubby didn't care for it, and I really want a new style in my kitchen. So, finally I gave it to a young (strong) college-dorm living in-law who helped us move. He was delighted with it... I hope so, I still feel sad whenever I think of my missing table and chairs. {sniff}

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