Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Garden for Her Head

Imagine it's February in International Falls, Minnesota.  You're in the 5th month of winter.  The crisp white snow has been trampled and driven into a filthy, slushy mess.  The sun hasn't shown in a month. The weather guy just predicted sleet and falling temperatures.  It's a grey world and you wonder if you can get to May without shooting yourself.

What you need to cure your winter greys is an adorable blonde with a spring garden on her head!  How could this sight not make you smile?  And it's warm, to boot.

Inspiration!  The Winter Garden Stocking Cap was born.

I used a wool/alpaca blend to knit the cap so it's both soft and warm.

Once the knitting was done, I made some wool felt flowers.
Maybe I got a little carried away with the colors, but I think she pulls it off.

Here's a detail shot.

Thanks to my little model.  If she helps me win, she gets gets a Thomas train.  So, if you don't vote for  me, you're denying her that.  No guilt!  Vote for the one you like best.  Don't worry about her crying and thinking she's not loved or appreciated. ;-)

I'll post the pattern soon.

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