Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Pretty Thing

We are excited to be featured on One Pretty Thing again! The Princess Scarf is included on today's Knitting Roundup!

If you're here from OPT, stick around a second and register your vote ... not for the Elections on Tuesday, but for Sara & Sarah's Challenge No. 6: Knitting for Little Girls! Do you like the Princess Scarf or the Winter Garden Stocking Cap better? Who are Sara & Sarah? We are two friends dueling it out every other week over different crafts. We are having a lot of fun & thanks for visiting our little blog!

And ... if you've never visited One Pretty Thing, it's an amazing website with lots of pictures and links every day to tutorials for all sorts of crafts: sewing, cooking, crafting with kids, knitting, etc! Click over there and be prepared to get lost in crafting ideas!

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