Monday, October 4, 2010

Well, dang!

I made Sara's daughter Izzie a dress so I could enter it in a vintage sewing contest.  Well, I didn't make the finalists.  Frown.  But, a very cute girl now has a very cute dress, so it wasn't a total loss.

I wanted to scan the pattern I used to show you what it looked like.  Well, I searched and searched and couldn't find it.  Finally, I decided to look for it in the place where it's supposed to be and there it was!  Which just goes to show you, if you want to find something, don't put it away.  This is the pattern, Simplicity 9128 from 1970.

If you're interested in who beat me, check it out here:

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Suzzy said...

That dress, and that darling girl, are so beautiful! Great job!

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

sarah - the dress is truly adorable ...all the way down to that fancy flower you put on the front! thank you so much for making iz a pretty dress - we both love it!

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