Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Embossed Velvet Reusable Gift Box

This is one fancy-schmancy gift box!  I don't know about you, but I would dive for this one if I saw it sitting under my tree.

My concept was to make a gift box that would be reusable year after year.  It had to be sturdy and it had to be attractive in a non-trendy way. 

When I began to cull through my supplies, I came across some recently acquired velvet.  What's more Christmas-y than velvet?  Also, I had always wanted to try my hand at embossing velvet so I thought this might be just the time to try it.
This is a shot of the fabric right after I embossed it.  You do this using rubber stamps and a hot iron.  It is crazy easy.  Instructables has a great tutorial right here if you're interested in giving it a shot.  This photo gives the truest representation of the color.  The green is very vibrant and it's not really coming across well in the photographs.

I decided it looked best with just the top embossed.  It was way too busy to do both the top and the bottom.  I do think it would look really nice with a contrasting color on the bottom--maybe red or black.

By the way, I made the box, too, but if you want to try this, you could cover a shoe box, or other sturdy box with a cover.

In order to keep prying eyes from sneaking a peak before Christmas morning, I tied it shut with some organza ribbon which I got for cheap at a large national craft retailer.

I finished the inside of the box with scrapbook paper and some gold trim.  

Here it is one last time.  That tea towel is a vintage Tammis Keefe angel; a Goodwill find which cost a whopping $.69.

I won't lie to you, this was not a quick and easy project.  I don't want to scare anyone off, but you will need to invest a little time into this.  However, once it's done, you have gift boxes for life.  Gift wrapping will be nothing more than plopping your gift in the box, covering it and tying on a pretty bow.

This was a really fun challenge!  There were so many options. I hope this inspires you to try a little creative wrapping this year!

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