Friday, November 5, 2010

SvS Halloween Crafty Party - The Rest

As Sarah mentioned here, we had a very fun crafty cocktail party last week! We had a blast planning, setting up, making all of the the food, drinks, decorations and the craft! Most of all, it was just fun to get our "crafty friends" all together to socialize & craft! While we are still recovering, we do have plans to have another one .... St. Patrick's Day anyone?

our work table ...

laying out the shapes for a festive garland

If you wanted to make one of these was super simple! The materials are: bias tape, festive pom poms and festive shapes cut from felt. I used our Templates from the Candy Apple Treat Boxes; you can get them here. Embellishing the bats was my favorite part - Sarah had some fancy pink crystals that made for sparkly and spooky eyes.


lots of tulle puffs in the making ... you'll see these on display a little farther down

This is the bar ... with a simple Halloween tablecloth.
The good thing about Sarah's extensive fabric stash is that she has a fabric for every occasion! She just went to her Halloween bin of fabrics, found this one and serged the edges for a 5-minute 2-minute tablecloth. Very clever!

lots of tulle puffs in the doorways

batty decor

pumpkin lights from Target!

enough said.

the work table

garland & bar
How the night went? Well we let everyone get acquainted and indulge on the food & beverages for a while. After a bit, we all sat down to get to work!

The Craft. What did we do? We used polymer clay to make our very own custom ornaments! We used a tutorial found here and went from there. We had TONS of colors, TINY cutters (think itty bitty cookie cutters) in shapes, letters ... and snomen & Christmas trees! Really cute stuff. Each guest got to make their own ornament and take it home! There were a couple of very speedy crafters who were able to knock out a couple of ornaments...

Once the ornaments were done, Sarah "baked" them in a rogue contraption that she whipped up for the occasion! A mere 15 minutes later, everyone had a freshly baked, adorable ornament to take home.

Here's where I have to interject with a CALL FOR ANYONE WITH PICTURES! There were some AWESOME ornaments made and we have no pictures! :( The horror. Did anyone get a picture with all the ornaments in the baking contraption?
our fellow-partyers hard at work on their projects

This is Gail ...
After the ornaments baked, Sarah & I decided to give out a round of prizes!!! The categories were:

1. Prettiest .. this went to Gail, who made a really beautiful Christmas tree wrapped version. Hers was really cool because she left the clear ornament clear, and just put tiny trees (with stars & treeskirts!) all the way around it. A decisive winner and both of our favs.

2. Best Use of Color .... Kathy! She used at least 5 colors on hers which was adorned with lots of Christmas trees with contrasting background colors.

3. Most Unique ... Jaclyn, who used her "trademark colors" of black and hot pink to make a stars & stripes winner!

4. Speediest ... Pam. She whipped up an entire ornament while most of us were still conditioning our clay. Wow! I think she ended rocking out 3 ornaments? And they were all cute!

We let the guests pick the prize ... and again, no pictures of the prizes (how did this happen!?!?); however, they were delivered in our adorable Candy Apple Boxes.

Cheryl hard at work

This is Joy ...

And we should probably call her the polymer clay teacher of the night! While Sarah & I were busy running around, she stepped right in and helped everyone understand how to work with the clay and get started. Thanks Joy! We could also call her crafter extraordinaire because she is! I'm trying to talk her into guest posting here sometime to show off her creations (jewelry, knitting, refashioning and more)!

Just below, these are my two finished ornaments (because I do not have any pictures of the others - boo). I do love how they turned out and cannot wait to make more!

And that's a wrap. Guests, thank you all for coming and playing along with us for a crafty night. It was great meeting everyone! Until the next time ....oh, and if you have pictures, please let us know!
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upatreecupatea said...

This is so neat!
I need to get all my college lady crafters together and have a craft party :)
- Jo

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

Jo, You should definitely do this! It was a ton of fun! :-) Sara

Gail said...
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Anna said...

I am really wanting to make the garland, so cute! I'm wondering where you got your pom pom trim? Do most of the craft stores sell them like that? Doing some research online I can only find bags of pom poms. lol!

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