Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tutorial: Cheap, but Not Cheap-looking Business Card Holder

These business card holders are cheap and easy to make.  Here’s the complete tutorial along with the template.

Supplies Needed:

Flexible cutting mats (a package of 4 will make 16 business card holders)
At least 32 plain crafting brads (check out the scrapbooking section of the store for these)
16 decorative brads (optional – for cover decoration)
Pony bead lacing
Seam ripper
Small diameter hole punch
Metal edged ruler

Step 1:  Cut Out Pieces
·    Cut out template and trace onto cutting mat (be sure to mark all places where holes should be punched)
·    Cut out all pieces

Hint:  If you are going to make more than one of these, cut out the first piece, punch all holes, then use it as your template.  It will be easier to use than a paper template.
Piece cut out (well, it's a little further along than that, but I forgot to take a picture earlier!)
Step 2:  Score Fold Lines
·    Using the seam ripper or other tool, score all foldlines. Do not cut all the way through!

Hint: I tried a few different things to score the fold lines and the one that worked best for me was a seam ripper.  You could also use the tip of a scissors, a stylus, or a dull Xacto knife.  You need something with a sharp edge so it makes an indentation on the plastic, but does not cut it all the way through.
Closer look at the scored lines.
Step 3:  Punch Holes
·    Using a small diameter hole punch (mine is 1/8th of an inch), punch out all holes.  If you don't have a small diameter hole punch, try using a hammer and nail/awl to punch the holes.

Note:  The hole on the lid is for a brad that is decorative only.  If you don't want this added decoration, don't punch this hole.

Step 4:  Bend Scored Lines
·    Working from the side on which you scored the lines.  Fold all lines in one direction only.

Step 5:  Insert Brads
·    You will need to use two brads to secure the sides to the back.  Using the holes closest to the lid, insert the brad from the back into the side flap hole and open prongs. 
·    Insert the decorative brad in the hole on the lid (optional)
Insert the brad through the top holes (please disregard the extra hole on top--I screwed up on my punching location!)

Step 6:  Insert Lacing
·    Cut a piece of lacing about 9 inches long. 
·    Starting on the outside, lace one end in through the back and side flap holes on one side.  Tie knot on the end that will be inside the holder.  Pull knot to inside.
·    Working from the outside again, lace the unknotted end into the top back hole closest to the hole you started with, out the other top back hole, and in through the remaining back and side flap holes.
·    Knot the end of the lace leaving 1/2 to 1 inch of give. 
·    Trim excess lacing off.
This is what Pony Bead Lacing looks like.  It's actually a tube.

From the outside, poke the lacing into the bottom back hole and the bottom hole on the side flap.

Tie a knot on the inside end and trim off excess lacing.

On the outisde, go into the top back hole closest to the side you started with, come back out the other top back hole, and back into the back and side flap holes. 
That's it!   Easy-Peasy, George-and-Wheezy.
Finished business card holder.

Seeing as I can’t waste anything, I wanted to use the long strip of plastic that was leftover.  I came up with this cute little matchbook notebook.  I included the template for the cover and note pages on the card holder template if you, like me, cannot stand to throw something away that is perfectly usable.

Matchbook Notepad, cover open.

Matchbook Notepad, cover closed.  If you do a couple shots of whiskey, this picture might look less blurry!

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