Monday, December 20, 2010

Very Quick Gift Fix - Oilcloth & Felt Combo

Enter the scrapbusting felt-backed oilcloth coasters:
I had some leftover oilcloth from this project ... and as with all my other projects, I just had to tuck away those scraps *just in case* I needed them later! At $14.99 / yard for this oilcloth (I only needed 1/2 yard, AND it's 60" on the bolt because it's considered home decor fabric, but anyway...) I wanted to use it to its fullest extent! 

Enter the super fast felt-backed oilcloth coaster. SO simple, you cannot even call its instructions a tutorial. All I did was cut little squares (about 4 x 4) of my leftover oilcloth strips; cut equally sized squares of red felt; place right sides facing out as they would be finished; and zig zag along the edges. 

Awesome & quick because felt and oilcloth do not fray!

Tip - don't pin these to sew - you'll leave holes in the oilcloth. If you need something to hold them together (I didn't bother), use mini clothes pins or binder clips.

The thing that surprised me and made this REALLY easy was: I didn't even have to do the tissue paper trick that I talked about here on these coasters. I stitched directly onto the oilcloth and had no problems whatsoever. Maybe a zig zag stitch is easier on the oilcloth than a straight stitch? Because let me tell you, when I made those Oilcloth Peppermint Goody Bags, the tissue paper saved me and was the only way that I could get the top stitching to work.  

so in about, oh 15 minutes (including the cutting) you can collect a nice stack of these!

Picture of the back ...


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