Saturday, December 4, 2010

Virtual Advent Calendar Day 4: Chenille Santa & Elf

21 Days Left Until Christmas!

Today's inspiration comes from the 1958's Chenille-Kraft "Pipe Cleaner Art" booklet.
 "Over 350 Completed Projects" as opposed to other craft books where the featured projects are unfinished.
Right there on the cover it says, "The only book of its kind ever published." How is that even possible considering the popularity of pipe cleaner "art."

They sure are having fun with their pipe cleaners.  Look at the sick kid at the top.  Why, life threatening illness isn't so bad if you can sit in your hospital bed and play with pipe cleaners!
This book was written for a host of different folks like "home workers" and "shut-ins" as well as for "profit." Hhmmm, profit? Maybe I'm in the wrong line of work?

These are the instructions, such as they are.
In my opinion, the Chenille-Kraft book falls a little short on instructions, but it's easy enough to figure out. All you need are some wooden doll heads, a bunch of pipe cleaners, and an imagination! I'm taking a day off from the tutorials, but this really is not hard to figure out on your own.
I have to admit, the Santa is awfully cute!

This pipe cleaner elf is ready for Christmas Eve!
Cost:  The wooden heads and pipe cleaners will run you about $6
Time to Complete:  I made both Santa and the elf in under an hour
Skill Level:  A tad bit of ingenuity is needed as the instructions aren't great.

There you have it, Day 4.   Come back tomorrow to see what Day 5 brings.

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