Monday, January 31, 2011

Coming February 2nd: Socks Education

Join us on February 2nd for the first installment of our in-depth, six part series called “Socks Education.” 

This series is for you if:
  • you’ve never knitted socks before, but have always wanted to try
  • you’ve had a bad socks experience, but would like to try again
  • you’ve knitted socks for years, but would like to learn some new techniques
  • you enjoy a heavy dose of innuendo with your knitting
As part of this series, you will design your own socks!  Sarah will walk you through each step of the design process and at the end of the series, you will have a “Build Your Own Pattern” (BYOP) template that will allow you to design socks for any foot.

Sara, who has never made socks, will be knitting along.  Here’s the Socks Education class schedule (subject to change).  Why not knit along with us?!

February 2nd – Part 1:  Making It A Pleasurable Experience
February 3rd – Part 2:  The Anatomy of a Sock
February 4th – Part 3:  Diving in with Gusto!:  Casting On, The Cuff, and The Leg
February 11th – Part 4:  Taking Your Socks Life in a New Direction:  Turning the Heel
February 18th – Part 5:  Finishing Off: The Toes
February 19th – Part 6:  Doing It Over and Over:  BYOP for Basic Crew Socks

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I'll definitely be following along! :)

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