Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patchwork Scarf - Tammis Keefe Project No. 4

So, what do you make when you have SO MANY awesome fabrics to choose from? (I'm referring to the Tammis Keefe tribute line by Michael Miller of course!) ... You make a patchwork scarf, that's what!  

  • blue owls DS4714_Blue Hoot
  • red dogs DS4720_Tomato Tammis Dogs
  • alligators (wait til you see what else we've got with this alligator fabric!) DS4793_White Later Alligator
  • birds DS4593_Multi Cage Free
  • red owls DS4714_Red Hoot
  • pink / grey dogs  DS4720_Gray Tammis Dogs  

Sarah and I picked up some Michael Miller coordinating fabrics to add to our projects. In the scarf, I have:
  • black with white dots CX 4540 Dinky Dots
  • white with black dots (lost my selvege edge, but looks like Dalmatian spot the dog)
  • red / white / pink (hmmm, another lost selvege?)

As usual, I couldn't resist adding some pom poms to the scarf! The turquoise blue coordinates and sets off the owls JUST RIGHT!  

I went with a "ragged edge" scarf ... and I have no idea if that's a technical term or not, but it was really fun and easy to make this. Sarah showed me the trick of tearing fabric vs. cutting it, and let me tell you I. AM. HOOKED. The rough edges that it creates are perfect for a project like this; and it's MONUMENTALLY faster.

To make this:
  1. Snip and tear some fabric squares (mine are 7" x 4") and I have 13 of them in total.
  2. Sew squarers together - WRONG sides together - using 1/2" seam.
  3. Press.
  4. Cut a piece for the back of the scarf that is the same length and width as the front "patched" piece. I used some awesome white Minky (with dots) that I had leftover from my oldest daughter's baby blanket! It's been in the stash, just begging to be used. Flannel would also be nice.
  5. Place wrong sides (of the minky back and the patchwork front) together. Pin well. If you want to add pom pom fringe, then pin that in between the layers on both short ends.
  6. Sew around all edges using 1/2" seam.
  7. Clip / Notch all exterior edges, being careful to clip JUST TO, BUT NOT OVER the seam!
  8. Clip / Notch all joining lines of the patchwork piece.
  9. You're done ... just throw it in the wash and dryer to "fluff" it up!
I love the minky back on this scarf, it's warm and soft. And I love the color variety in all the Tammis Keefe fabrics - I think this scarf goes with just about everything in my closet! I am so thrilled with this, I am going to wear it today. :-)

PS: If anyone has any tips for additional "fluffing" of the clipped edges, I am all ears. I washed & dried it. Then, I dried it another 30 minutes in the dryer with a tennis ball. Does it just get "ragged" over time, or is there something else I can do to accelerate the look? I want really ragged!

Another PS: Stay tuned for more projects and remember our first giveaway is just around the corner!

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This adorable and comfy scarf features LOTS of the Tammis Keefe fabrics (links to all can be found here).... this scarf features these six: Pin It


Sarah said...

Of course there are pom-poms! It's really cute.

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

Sarah - I couldn't help it ... the pom poms matched those cute little owls so well, it had to be done!

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