Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bike Shirts & I'm gonna need a serger

Several months ago, I was in my favorite fabric store and saw the most adorable bike fabric. I kept thinking to myself, "I need that fabric!" I wanted to make something "bikey" for the girls to help support / promote their Dad's bike business ... but, I have a hard time buying fabric unless I have a project in mind. I need a limitation / restriction like that - otherwise, I'd be a total fabric hoarder and have no money. If you're reading this crafty blog, you probably understand.

Anyway, a month or so later I was still thinking about that fabric- now under a special circumstance like that, exceptions can be made to the buying restrictions. So I went back to the store to get the fabric. Only, they were out of it on the bolt! Boo! Not to be deterred, I started looking all over the store and found 2 fat quarters of the bike print and 2 fat quarters of the lilyrose print left - I bought them! Yay! I still didn't know what to do w/ them but I felt happy knowing they were in my fabric bin! :-)

As is usually the case, while craft blog reading, I came across a really cute (and seemingly quick) top tutorial. So, I used the fat quarters to make a couple shirts for the girls. Ruffle Sleeve Top Tutorial (here) by Sparkle Power. (Each top is made from two fat quarters: 1 bike print and 1 lilyrose print). The tutorial was SUPER easy to follow and had good pictures to REALLY make this easy. Thanks!

fabrics are Weekends by Erin McMorris for Freespirit
1. Go by Bike, and
2. Lilyrose

Thought this was a cute touch - added a strip of folded over bias tape to the back center - looks like a little tag, as if store bought



The girls had a great time hanging out at Barrett Jackson for a little while! Their favorite part was (hands down) watching the cars zip round and round the race track.

About that serger note -

I mean this looks good!!! I love how polished the hem looks after serging ... Sarah came over to work on some joint stuff and she had her serger w/ ... and she just happened to have grey thread in it!  Perfecto. After seeing how nice this looks, I've decided that I really do NEED one! (Sometimes it's quite the bummer that Christmas & my birthday are so dang close - I've got a long wait ahead of me!)

Oh and the girls love their tanks - we just need this famous Arizona weather to come back so we can break them out a little  more!

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Suz said...

Those are CUTE, Sara!

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