Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February Thrift Store Finds

It's been awhile since I've shared some of my thrift store finds with you so I thought I'd post about some of the fabulous stuff I've found in February.

This gorgeous Danish modern lamp base was a Goodwill find.  With my 20% off coupon, it came to $6.39.  Once I got it home, I paired it with the fab lamp shade from another lamp I had, and a new harp and finial from yet another lamp.  Now I have an awesome Danish Frankenstein lamp!  The little poodle planter was a thrift store find last year.  I use it to throw my thread tails in when doing handwork in front of the TV.

One thing I'm always on the lookout for is vintage paint by numbers.  As you can see, I've accumulated quite a few!  None of these are new this month, but I thought I'd snap a picture since I was in that room and had my camera out.

I now have three of these basket purses.  They were made for Goldwaters department store in the 1960s.  Each featured an Arizona city.  This one is for Phoenix.  Cost:  $2.39.

Below is my new basket purse along side the first one I found.  It features the town of Prescott.

Obviously, it would be hard for anyone to resist a 1940s-50s kitchen organizer for $3.99 less 20%!  I love the deco font.

Isn't this unfinished gingham, embroidered tablecloth simply moooo-valous (believe it or not, my friend Joe will laugh out loud when he sees I said mooo-valous).  I do have plans to finish it.  You can see a close up of the cow below.  I love that the embroiderer who started this used a chain stitch for the outline!

I found three bags of yo-yos.  Not pictured is the book I also found about making yo-yo stuffed toys!  I'm going to make a horse.

You can also see a length of vintage knit fabric here.  I've been finding a lot of vintage knits which I think are awesome!  I've got another that is red with black and white stripes.  I need time to sew!

The dessert cups below are Hazel Atlas Moderntone.  I paid 50 cents a piece for them.  :-)  FYI, Moderntone is often unmarked, but is easily recognized by the colors and shape.  You can see more of my Moderntone here.

Though not exciting, the replacement rotary blade on the right was a great deal at only $1.60.  Totally worth picking up!
I thought this old travel coffee maker was fun.  Do I need it?  No, but that's not the point!

And here's the bizarre thing I bought just because it was weird.  It's an entire bag of super scary 1970s clown cake decorations.  Seriously, they are creepy!  Any kid would be scarred for life if they found these on their birthday cake.  I'm thinking I might cut their heads off and make a necklace out of them; sort of like a string of shrunken heads.  I'll wear it and call myself Sarah the Scary Clown Slayer.

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Laurie said...

I love looking at people's garage sale and thrift store finds. Do you live in AZ? I live in Iowa now but grew up in Phx and remember those Goldwater's purses. Here is IA everyone fancies themselves an antique dealer and our thrift stores get picked over quickly. I have to wait for garage sale season to find the best deals.

Citizen K said...

Those are some sweet finds! That kitchen organizer is fantastic. I make yoyos constantly but, yoyo stuffed animals? I've gotta see that -can't wait to see your finished horse!

Sara vs. Sarah said...

Laurie, I grew up in Minneapolis where it's the same thing as Iowa... garage sales are great up there. It's funny that you remember those purses! Citizen K, I'll be sure to post my yo-yo horse.

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