Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Challenge No 17 (Easter) Submission: An Egg with a View

My Egg with a View
Believe me, making this egg was a piece of cake compared to photographing it.  Oy!  That was hard work and I don't think I was very successful.  If you revisit this post later, you may find new photos!

But, enough of my whining!  This is my Egg with a View.  I have to admit a lifelong fascination with those hollow sugar eggs with a bunny inside.  My friend Jan has one that someone made her when she was a kid and I covet it openly.  Since I'm unlikely to ever have my own sugar egg, my solution was to make this Egg with a View.
The scene inside includes two bunnies, a tree, a giant mushroom and a basket of carrots.

This egg started life as a brown papier mache egg from the craft store.  I started by cutting a hole in it, then I decoupaged the exterior with circles of bright fabrics.
A very bad photo of the back of the egg showing the decoupaged circles of fabric.
Next, I painted the interior and filled the bottom with plaster of Paris.  I glued in green colored sand for grass, then I went searching in my collection of vintage miniatures to create the scene.  The tree was meant for a 1950s railroad set, the bunnies and giant mushroom are from the 1970s.  I made the basket by decoupaging a circle of fabric and forming it around a pencil top, then filling it with plastic carrots.  Lastly, I trimmed the hole with rick-rack.
Mmmmmm...   carrots...
I love miniature scenes and this one is no different.  It may not have the elegance of a sugar egg, but I'm pretty darn pleased with it.

Time to go vote!  Which is your favorite project?

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Lou-Lou said...

You could always make your own sugar egg!
I saw these the other day...

I had to search to find the right mould as we don't have much of a selection in the UK (unless I ordered it online but you know how it is when you want to work on something NOW!)

I finally found the right mould today- it was part of some packaging and had a chocolate egg inside so naturally I had to eat that, couldn't have it getting in the way of some creating!

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