Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 4: Fabric Pop Pop Necklace

Before I get to why / how I made this, I must tell a super cute story. On Tuesday morning, I decided to wear this necklace to work so I could have a friend take a picture of it during the daylight hours. So that morning, as I was dropping the girls off at the sitter’s house, my littlest said … “ohhh, pop pop! I want pop pop!” (Both my kids call lollipops “pop pops”). She started fingering the necklace and was really into it. Couple minutes later I was still there (it’s pretty hard to say goodbye) and she came up again and said “hold me Mama.” Who can say no to that? I picked her up and she started in again with “I want a pop pop Mama…Unwrap it. Unwrap it. Unwrap it.” She really thinks that there are pop pops in my necklace and all she has to do is get the wrappers off. I do love her!
Anyhow …

As I was thinking about scrapbusters, I remembered a necklace I saw years ago from Amy Butler. So I went to Google and found it again; here’s the link:
I printed it off and thought – a ha! What a perfect little Scrapbuster!  And then, I started reading the pattern and realize it just wasn’t going to work for me … you have to make your own bias strips per the pattern (and that is just NOT scrap busting kind of thing!) You end up “wasting” all those other pieces.
Again, I turned to Google and found that someone else thought there had to be an easier way to make such a necklace. Yay! I found the blog Joy’s Hope and used her instructions without any modification; link here: Tutorial from Joy's Hope for "Easter Fabric Necklace".
Materials for this Scrapbuster:
·         5 fabric pieces cut to 4” x 18”
·         16-… 1” wooden beads or Styrofoam balls (I used 18 wooden beads)
·         Regular sewing supplies
·         Good DVR material to accompany you!

(doesn't matter how big the holes are for the beads - they'll be covered up)
Literally, you spend about 5 minutes cutting the strips, 5 minutes sewing the strips into a long tube, and then you can camp out in front of the DVR. The rest is SO easy! Flip the tube, and start stuffing the beads in the necklace. I used 18 x 1” beads in my necklace and it does fit nicely over my head.
The cost of this was $3 (for the beads) … with Mother’s Day coming up, I think some spring versions would make awesome gifts! Just think, you can scrap bust, spend $3 and give a totally homemade gift to someone.

this is my fake "bead" ...aka where I joined the 2 ends!
Oh, and I think Christmas’y ones would be adorable too.
Final thought – I’ll be making two little girls a couple of these too … but I think they may be disappointed when they realize there aren’t really pop pops in them!
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Terri said...

I'm working on bracelets like this for my granddaughters. (They are teens, and the project is for Christmas, so it'll be a while before I find out if they are cool or not.) Thanks for the tut, though, I was having trouble figureing out the ends.

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