Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools, or Why Sara and I Should be Committed

After 31 days of scrapbuster projects, you’d think Sara and I would want to take a break. Well, Sara does, but I don’t. Dang, she’s lazy. Just kidding! The reality is she’s sane and I’m not. I’ve got to keep busy. No rest for the weary. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Haste makes waste... well, that last one makes no sense.

You all know that I love messing around with resin and you also know that I’ve been saying for awhile that I’ve been meaning to do a post about resin casting. Well, I’m going to do better than that! I’m declaring April “Resin Month” at Sara vs. Sarah.

I’ll be at the reins of this project, but I intend to get Sara involved at some point. Can you believe she’s never tried this? But, here’s the really great part. The folks at Enviromental Technology, Inc. (or ETI) have given us a ton of Castin’ Craft products to give away to you! We’ll have 3 giveaways over the course of the month with each prize consisting of about $75 worth of Castin’ Craft stuff. If you ever wanted to try your hand at resin casting, this is a great opportunity to get everything you need to start for free!

We open the first giveaway on Monday, April 4th so come back then for details. I’ll also have my first resin casting post then. I’m not going to do a post a day. I’m not that crazy. But I’ll do at least one project each week in conjunction with the giveaways.

Also going on this month will be a little Easter project that Sara and I crafted up. That’ll start around April 10th. We’re also holding our second Crafts’n’Cocktails party, Sara is taking a beginning quilting class, and both of us are going to Creative Estates.

I guess we’re really not taking it easy at all. What is wrong with us?

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Sara vs. Sarah said...

sarah - what is wrong w/ us!? i was looking at our calendar the other day and realized there is TONS of fun in april. I cannot wait for the party! Oh and I am certain I could be roped into a resin craft - I'm not that tired. :)

Suzzy said...

Ok, really excited about this one! I have never used resin but reallllly want to try it! Can't wait for the tutorials!

Denise Cerro said...

I like your crazy, S&S...keep up the craziness and fun projects ... I promise you won't be committed.

Hushgirl said...
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