Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Owl Love You Forever - Giving Back

Pregnancy & Babies. I remember almost a year ago, a good friend telling me the sad news that her sister delivered her twins way too early and that there was no way they would make it. As if that wasn't sad enough, this wasn't her first try at having children ... It's hard to imagine much less describe that kind of devastating loss. Especially because I come from the fortunate and incredibly blessed perspective to have had only two pregnancies and two healthy baby girls as a result. To have had any other outcome is a loss I don't care to think about, ever. However, when something happens to someone you know, or a friend's friend / family, it makes you think.

In the months that followed Shayla's loss, she decided that she could help parents with similar circumstances - whether it be stillbirth, miscarriage. So Shayla formed a non-profit organization called Owl Love You Forever whose purpose is to prepare and circulate (to hospitals) boxes containing care or therapy type items to parents who find themselves in this situation. What's in a box?
To kick-off her non-profit, Shayla is having a "birthday party" on the day that would have been the twins' first birthday. At the party, many people across the Valley (we all live in the Phoenix area) will gather to put the boxes together. Those boxes will be donated to local hospitals and used to help others.

What's up with the stack of flannel up there in the picture? I am making blanket sets to contribute for the boxes - and they have to be made with flannel. Each blanket set has a regular size receiving blanket and a premie size one. So, if this suits your fancy and you too want to participate, you can get more information here: How you can help and if you have questions: Who to Contact

I'll post again once my blankets are complete! :) I'm hoping to make it to the box prep party in May because I always love hanging with the girls from Sassy Soirees and Modern Cupcake (they're both contributing to the big event!)

...and in the meantime, give your kiddos a special squeeze!

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