Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Challenge No 19 Submission: Resin Blocks/Memory Game

Here we go again. Another challenge, another super involved project from me! Taking the easy way just isn’t in my nature, I guess.
These resin blocks are also a memory game!
Since I’ve been working with resin this month, I decided to use resin in my project.  (Thanks, again, to the folks at ETI-USA for making resin month possible).  I decided on making resin blocks.  Then I thought, why not make it a memory/matching game by embedding pictures in resin? Then I thought again--why not put dimensional stuff in instead of pictures?

I used an Ikea triangle-shaped ice cube mold. I started by pouring about a quarter of an inch of resin colored with an opaque white colorant. Once that dried, I added my objects and poured in the clear resin, being careful to make the pieces all the same thickness.
Each block is about 1-3/4 inch on one side.
I embedded charms, small plastic toys, other resin cast pieces, some buttons, and pencil toppers. I used wooden bunny decorations, but found that they floated in the resin. Lesson learned—no wood when casting resin, or, at least, glue it down first.

To minimize the temptation to cheat, I decided to paint the sides of the pieces. Once painted, I finished the pieces with some spray resin (another Castin' Craft by ETI product). This gave the pieces a nice sheen and will keep the paint from chipping off. I still need to whip up a drawstring bag for storing the pieces.
There are two of every block for matching if you want to play a memory game.
The rules are simple. Start with all the pieces face down. Take turns flipping over two pieces trying to make a match. If you make a match, you keep the pieces you flipped over. If you don’t make a match, you turn the pieces face down again and they stay in play. Whoever has the most pieces once all the pieces have been matched up wins.
Whoever has the most blocks at the end of the game wins!
This game will last for generations. My nephews will play with it now, and their grandchildren will be playing with it in 50 years. It may have taken awhile to finish, but it was worth the effort.

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