Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Furniture Makeover

The Cake Stand isn’t the only piece of furniture I’ve refinished this year. I finished this gem of a dresser back in March.
My beautiful green dresser with faux Jadeite drawer pulls.
When I found it, it looked liked this:
One of the worst paint jobs in furniture history.
Poor old dresser. That paint job is crime! I guess that’s why I was able to pick it up for a mere $24.

When I saw it at the thrift store, I knew immediately that it was a great piece of furniture. It still has its label from the Davis Cabinet Company of Tennessee. There’s also a stamp indicating that it is 100% beech.

I was able to thoroughly strip away that felony paint job so I decided to stain it instead of repainting it. Just for fun, I went for a colored stain with a waxed finish. I love the waxed finish! That was a “new-to-me” technique and I’m sold on it.
A view of my faux Jadeite drawer pulls made from resin.
The final conundrum was the drawer pulls. The dresser had no pulls whatsoever when I bought it and I was finding nothing I liked at local hardware stores. What else is a crafty girl to do, but make her own?! I bought a drawer pull mold and hardware, and cast my own using resin colored to look like Jadeite. I think they look great. Yet another thing you can do with resin!
Closeup of the "Jadeite" pull.
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Denise Cerro said...

Love the dresser !!! I took a workshop last week using Chalk Paint from England...amazing paint. If you haven't already, check out my blog from last week about it. If you like to paint'll love it.
I'm also working on a blog about Tammis Keefe...I know you'll like that !

Keep Creating !

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