Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maliboo Rompers x 2 & 3 with The Bikes

I mentioned the other day that I made a romper dress from the Maliboo Romper pattern by Lil Blue Boo (and that I goofed it up). Oh well, like it as a dress, but I couldn't end on a mistake! :) Enter Maliboo Rompber No. 2 and 3.

My kids are 2 1/2 years old and 3 1/2 years old (tall!). I made the size 2-3 first and just tried it on both of them to see who it fit best. The size 2-3 fit my 2 year old perfectly and was definitely too short for my 3 year old. So, I went ahead and made a size 4 for the older one, so there would be some growing room.

This romper is pretty adjustable in my opinion since it's a halter top - you can pull it tighter or looser depending on how you need it to fit.

yeah, we keep telling her not to touch that! falling on deaf ears ...
The only modification I made to the pattern was to decrease the width of the back strap (the solid gray piece). I read on the LBB Patterns page that some had problems with drooping in the back and I didn't want to futz with that (and I didn't know if my ribbed knit was stretchy enough). SO, I cut the back strap about 1-2" less in width than the pattern called for. This worked out well for me & I don't have any droopy backs!

These rompers look so cute on the girls & they seem to love wearing them. They're definitely comfy! I've just got to teach Audrey how to undo the back bow so she doesn't run for help everytime she has go to potty, ha!

Iz listening to Pandora Radio on my phone ...

this solid gray piece ^^ is the piece I decreased on both rompers

We had to snap a couple of pics of the girls on their bikes because Daddy's bikes are getting published in TWO MAGAZINES! Woo hoo! One is local and it's called 202 Magazine; the bikes will actually be in this magazine twice. Once as a feature for  Driftwood Cruisers as a good Father's Day gift, and then again - with the bikes as a prop for a fashion shoot. Hooty hoo. The other magazine is called Radish and it's printed out of Iowa (where he's from). Not sure when that's publishing.

Oh and a photographer that Preston knows asked to use the bikes in one of his photo shoots this weekend too ... so we were all over dropping the bikes here and there. 

Okay and just for fun, here are some pics of the girls playing with their favorite 'tool' at the workshop - the forklift! They love this thing, and especially love honking the dang horn. :)

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Meg said...

Super cute! Good to know about the back. I still have to finish the Sienna dress I started first!

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