Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Painted Stripes Picture Frame Tutorial

Yesterday, in our big joint post showcasing all the festive goodies we made with the Krylon paint, I alluded to a more detailed tutorial for the striped picture frame. This is really easy & quick.

How to make your own:

1. Apply a coat of acrylic paint (I chose white) to the wooden frame. Let dry.

I purposely varied the width between stripes.

2. Next use rows of tape to create stripes. I used floral tape because it was thin and I had some on-hand. It'll stick to the painted wood, just give it a good rub to adhere it. You could also use masking tape,  painters tape, or electrical tape for that matter (whatever gives you stripes in the size you like).  

Masking tape on the two sides to hold down the floral tape during spray painting.

3. I used masking tape to secure the 'ends' of the floral tape (this is on the side of the frame).

Spray painting center.
4. Spray paint away. I can recommend the Krylon product without hesitation. I used Banner Red.

5. Let dry and then reveal stripes!

If you need to touch up from any overspray, go ahead.

Optional: Take a long piece of coordinating ribbon and hot glue it around the sides. This will hide the fact that we didn't paint all the sides and give the frame a finished look. If you look closely at the photo below, you may see the red ribbon on my finished frame.

Add a picture to the frame & decorate away!

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