Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dress Up Crowns, A Collaboration with Modern Cupcake (finally)

So ... you know it's a small world when in this huge town of a million + people you run into the same person via different connections, right? That's how it is with Jill of Modern Cupcake! We met briefly through a friend of a friend who said we have SO MUCH in common and would be fast friends if we had a chance to meet and hang out.... fast forward to months later when we both wound up attending Creative Estates here in Chandler, AZ. We just had so much fun chatting and brainstorming about just stuff!

Jill mentioned that she wanted to throw a London inspired party for her son whose party just happened to fall on the date of the Royal Wedding (that being said, did she really have any chance of throwing any other type of party!)? Probably not. She told me that she really wanted each kid to have a crown to wear and to take home as a favor. We talked about it and then one day I just happened to be browsing Pinterest and literally stumbled upon these beautiful Dress Up Crowns from The Long Thread{Insert - this was my initial discovery of The Long Therad - and oh where have I been? Great website. More on that later because I recently snatched up her (Ellen Baker) new book called 1, 2, 3 Sew .. and am in love w/ it!}

Anyway, I sent the link to Jill, all the while I was pretty much beside myself with excitement because I just knew these crowns were what she was looking for! They were. We collaborated and had a ball doing it!

**Modern Cupcake is blogging on Two Sugar Babies these days so you can catch her there, or on Facebook!**

Jill picked out these fabulous fabrics and then we spent an afternoon cutting and prepping them. I sewed them up for Jill and it was all good until my sewing machine went nuts and refused to sew through the interfacing. At that point, I sent Sarah a panic text begging to come over and use her machine to finish the crowns. Sarah was awesome and said "come on over!" - and she helped finish them up. And I realized that I totally "heart" her sewing machine. It's amazing!

**each crown is reversible with coordinating fabrics and closes w/ Velcro**

So long story, nowhere near short, that's how we came to make these crowns for Modern Cupcake's party. :) It was so much fun and the party turned out beautifully. And here's my favorite picture of the party ... isn't this just adorable!

These stunning pictures are published here courtesy of: Sierra Studios Photography. You can view the full photo album here!

Finally, see the Amy Atlas feature showcasing highlights from the party here!


I'm almost ashamed to post these pictures following the professional ones above, but cannot help myself!

I made a special "mother crown" for Jill out of some pale green fairy dust fabric, but almost had to keep it because this one wanted it so bad!

See, there were A LOT of crowns!

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Sarah said...

The crowns were truly adorable and it was so nice of you to do this for Jill. I'm glad I could help out if only a little bit. --Sarah

Life With the Crazies said...

So so cute! I would love to make these too... now just to think of an occasion!

Modern Cupcake {Jill} said...

You ladies are awesome!! Thank you so much for contributing to Ethan's royal party! The crowns were a huge hit and are still the talk of the town! Sara, thank you for bringing my vision to life! xoxo

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