Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not Your Grandma's Crocheted Tea Towel - Submission

I changed my mind at least ten times on what I wanted to do this time, but finally settled on this crochet embellished tea towel that I could hang from my oven handle. 

I started off making my own tea towel.  I used a 100% cotton home dec fabric with colors that match my Fiestaware.  Once washed, this has the feel of a "linen" towel.  I hemmed the edges and even did a mitered corner (fancy me).

I added a crocheted edge to the towel and made a big crocheted flower to sew on one corner.  Behind the flower is a strap with a snap to hang it from the oven handle.  
This is the same concept as the acrylic yarn crocheted towels my grandma always has in her kitchen, just updated (I hope) for the modern kitchen.  A pretty and practical place to wipe your hands as you are making a meal.

I hope you'll vote!

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