Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What to Do with "Waste" Triangles

I have mentioned before that I am a collector of other people’s scraps. I’ll take scraps from anyone, but I love my friend Denise’s scraps the most as she is a prolific quilter and she has great taste in fabric. I particularly love the triangles.

Some people call these waste triangles as they are cut off the corners when making other units such as half square triangles or flying geese, then thrown away {shiver}. I think they are the greatest thing in quilting!

I chain piece them together.

Press them open.

Trim them down to a uniform size.

Them sew them into blocks. In this case, I’ve made the “broken dishes” block, one of my favs.

Like all quilting, there are many steps in this process and it can get a little tedious, especially since I’m working on such a small scale. As you can see here, all these blocks need to be trimmed down to a uniform size which means several nights in front of the TV (see previous post about cutting in front of the TV here).

But the reward is great. How cute are these blocks? The unfinished size is 2.75 inches.

My plan is to sew them together with an alternating solid block. When finished, I should have a nice sized baby quilt. I don’t know anyone having a baby right now, but rest assured, someone will have a baby and I’ll be ready for it.

I’ll be sure to check back in when the top is finished.  In the meantime, tell me what you do with your scraps!

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Snowwhites Castle said...

I would love to get it for my baby some day *haha*

Lovely colors. I like it :)

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