Friday, October 21, 2011

The Big "4" and a Freezer Paper Pictoral {DIY}

Somehow or another my baby has turned 4. I like having a number shirt for each birthday ...I didn't make a good one last year and was bummed about it! This year I wanted to make something simple (and fast and easy). I opted for the easiest thing I can think of: freezer paper stenciling!

I put a lavendar "4" on a brown tank and it was cute, but needed more. So I made a rolled flower with a little tuft of tulle sticking out. She loved it ...

There are thousands of tutorials on freezer paper stenciling (this one from Made is very thorough) but in a pictoral, here is the simplicity of it!

Draw or print design onto dull side of freezer paper and cut out with exacto blade (or scissors if you can).

Determine placement of your design on garment. If you're weird like me, measure to make sure it's centered. Once it's in the perfect spot, press into place. The freezer paper will adhere to the fabric and create a stencil!

Lightly paint in the design the FABRIC paint. I like Tulip's Matte brand. You may need to do a couple layers ... I did 3.

After the paint has dried (go overnight if possible), peel off the paper and heat set the paint in place (with a pressing cloth to protect your iron).

That's it! :) My girl's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but we are having her "friend" party this weekend. She is ALL ABOUT scooby doo, so we'll be serving up some Scooby Snacks and I'm hoping to find time to make a Daphne dress for her! Wish me luck :)

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