Friday, November 4, 2011

Bobbie Socks & Bows - Small Contribution

Back in the summer, I participated in Lil Blue Boo's Bobbie Socks & Bows Drive. This was an "event" she organized for poeple to make and send (or just buy) white lace bobbie socks and white hairbows. The adorable little girls at Three Angels Relief in Haiti are the ones in need. Lil Blue Boo posted all about the need and organized effort here.

Let me just tell you, I LOVE doing stuff like this (especially in theory) but this time I wanted to actually do it!

I made several pairs of white socks with lace sewn onto the cuff... and I made quite a few simple white hairbows with pearls in the middle.

To think that THIS (simple socks and a bow) is all these little girls want. It's a far cry from the princess dresses, Scooby figures, candy and long list of other "wants" my own children have. Pretty humbling. Time to start teaching these girls about the ways of the world, how we can help and how blessed we are.

Not to mention the fact that my family has sent support to Haiti for years -- before the Haiti earthquake, my stepdad had organized a medical mission to Haiti ... the earthquake hit, and they still went! They were more needed than ever. The organization he works with in Haiti is Hearts for Haiti. Basically it's a Christian-based children's orphanage. I've seen my stepdad's pictures from prior trips and quite frankly they are heart-breaking and inspiring at the same time.

Anyway, I enjoyed participating and knowing that something so small brought a smile to a little girls' face!

Lil Blue Boo just posted pictures from the school of the girls wearing their new socks & bows! Yay! I didn't even realize that I had never posted pictures of this project (shame shame!) but here it is. Sharing this now seems even appropriate, since this is the month for giving thanks. :)

Here's the post of all the people who donated - wow! so many!

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