Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knitted Sweater

So, I alluded to it in this post ... that years ago I actually knit myself a couple sweaters. I seriously feared that they didn't fit anymore, so haven't tried them on for over FOUR years! After knitting the GAP-tastic Cowl and seriously re-igniting my knitting crush, I tried them on. Hallelujah, they fit! One is a little tight, but it'll do.
This sweater was knit with the Zephyr Style Rusted Root Pattern. I used to really enjoy reading their blog and knitting from their patterns. This is knit from the top down in one consecutive piece - that's really the only way I'll knit clothing. Seriously, who wants to knit a bunch of pieces only to have to sew them together?

That's probably I've always been a big fan of Stefanie Japel's (aka Glampyre) work as well ...

I gotta point out that the design of this is so clever. Across the bust, there are not yarn overs or holes for the obvious reasons ... but as you knit farther down the sweater and need the extra width to accomodate the middle and hips, the pattern expands and you have yarn overs which make for a beautiful leafy pattern.

I wish I could recall what yarn I used, but I have no idea. I guess this was knit sometime in 2005 or 2006 ??? I am just crazy enough to have saved ALL my yarn labels, so I bet I have it somewhere in my bin of yarn goodness, but I'm not brave enough to tackle that project just yet. Resolution?

Anyway, I love knitting again. Made two more cowls since this one, and am planning to crank out some more for Christmas presents - people seem to love them! :)

Happy knitting / crafting!
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