Friday, December 16, 2011

Thumbprint Art - Christmas Lights Picture Tutorial

A while back I thought I started putting together a board on Pinterest devoted to Thumbprint art....there are so many cute ideas out there! I particularly loved this Christmas Lights picture {inspiration here}. I wanted to use the same concept in a different way: picture frame mat.

Can you think of a grandparent on the planet who wouldn't love one of these?!? This would make a great gift for someone special. Oh, and the total cost is about $3-4 for the frame because it's likely you have everything else on hand! Awe.some.

To make this, you need:

  • Picture Frame (mine is a 5 x 7 purchased at Target the other day for $3)
  • White cardstock cut to 5 x 7 - cheaper than buying a mat for the frame
  • Stamp Ink - I used Acid Free Ink in red, green & yellow
  • Fine point Sharpie to draw in the cord
  • Picture of someone special to be framed! I used a little piece of double stick tape to keep it secure.

I printed out my inspiration picture for reference!

My girl and I just set up shop and started stamping away ... we made four of these. So first, we stamped all the reds, then the greens and finally the yellow. I'll admit she didn't (surprisingly!) love this, so as soon as she made her prints, she went back to playing and I drew in the cord string with a fine point sharpie.

Close-up of a finished Christmas Light Picture Mat.

My plan is to put a Christmas picture in here, but I don't have one printed up yet ;)

Isn't this awesome how the lights from my Christmas tree are reflecting in the frame? Soooo pretty! Will you make one? If so, be sure to leave a comment w/ a link to your blog!  

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preeti said...

They can be used for personalised photo frames which is best gift for our beloved ones.

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