Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aunt Peaches Valentine Swap Part II

My three Valentines from the Aunt Peaches Valentines Swap
Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Mine would have been uneventful (sigh . . .) if not for the Aunt Peaches Valentine swap.  I wrote about that once before here, but that only covered the Valentines I sent.  I also received three Valentines.

The first one I received was from Tya of Craft.Run.Wag.  Isn’t it pretty and super professional looking?  I opened it and thought, “Geez! Mine looks amateurish.”  Well done, Tya! 
The first Valentine to arrive.
The next to arrive was from Patty.  How cute is this matchbox Valentine?  You open it up to find this adorable little felt heart.  Not only that, but the heart is a pin!  So cute!  Thank you, Patty!  I love it.
Cute matchbox Valentine.

With a surprise inside!

And it's a pin to boot.
Last, but not least, was this sweet Valentine from Puja.  Can you imagine gluing on every single one of those tiny hearts?  I’d have glue everywhere.  I’m not a tidy gluer so I admire gluing that is well done and Puja did a great job of it.  The caption inside reads “You are one in a million.” 
The third and final Valentine.
I loved the spirit of this swap and feel lucky to have participated.  Thank you to Tya, Patty and Puja for the Valentines I received.  I love each of them.  And thanks to Aunt Peaches for organizing the whole shebang!

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