Thursday, February 9, 2012

Workbench Clean-up

The picture below is of one of the {many} embarassing spots in my house.  It's the workbench in my sewing room.  It's meant to be an extra work space for me, but really, it's a junk collector.  I was up in the wee, wee hours of the morning today so I thought I would tackle cleaning it up.  Since I wasn't sure what I would unearth, I thought I'd treat it like a treasure hunt and see what I found.  Sorry if some of the photos aren't the greatest...  it was a bit dark.

Right on top of the pile was this UFO.  It's a circa 1980s Bucilla Christmas ornament kit.  I started working on this about 6 months ago, then stopped.
Here are a few of the ornaments I finished.  Some of them I gave away at Christmas time.  I'm not worried that I didn't finish it.  But I am happy that I finally put it away.

This is a box of 2 inch squares for a quilting project I'm working on.  It's a Jewel Box quilt.  Why this box of squares had wandered away from the rest of the project, I can't say.  It's now back where it belongs.

These are fun.  One set of new and one set of vintage flower looms.  I've got to make up some flowers on these and do a post.  For right now, they've been organized (which means I may never be able to find them again).

Another UFO!  This is a string quilt that should have a Christmas-y look to it when finished.  As a matter of fact, I should see if I can find any discounted Christmas fabric to finish it.  For now, it's on the UFO shelf (yes, I have a UFO shelf and it's very crowded).

So, I got interested in making coin purses for about 5 minutes one day.  That was enough time for me to order a bunch of purse frames and find a pattern.  I did manage to finish a couple of them.  The one is kind of big--I don't know what I was thinking there; it sure can hold a lot of coins!

Of course, what's a junk pile without a vintage bouillon cube container and an old Easter box full of marbles?  You've got those laying around, too, right?  I don't know why I have these, but I know I need them.  They are going back on the workbench.  How cute is the ox on the bouillon cube box?

What's below are three craft fails.  I don't know why I was hanging on to them.  Sometimes, I just can't let go.  Today, they went in the garbage.  Breath, Sarah, breath....

So that's where these cards were!  I was looking for them not long ago.  I whipped these up a few months back and promptly lost them.  I guess they're found now.

Another thing I got interested in for 5 minutes was metal stamping.  I actually found this cool set at Goodwill (and I did not pay full price for that...  it' was 1/2 price Saturday).  Anyway, my interest waned, but not enough that I actually put the stuff away.

Now these are cute.  I don't even remember having these.  I must have inherited them from someone.  I definitely need to think of something clever to do with them.  They are way too cute to waste.

We're getting to the bottom of the pile now.  This is a collage project I started at least two years ago.  It has potential, doesn't it?  Maybe now that it's been unearthed, it'll get finished

An hour later and it's now conceivable that I could use the workbench to work!  I am promising myself that I won't mess it up again.  Ya, right...

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Denise Cerro said...

I'm inspired...I'm going to clean my workbench today...or at least this weekend! I don't have as much cool stuff as you do ( I may be wrong though once I dig in and find lost projects).
Thanks for setting such a good example along with fun reading Sarah!

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