Monday, March 26, 2012

My Favorite Project in a Long Time

My new kitschy centerpiece.
I cannot tell you how long I have had the idea to turn these doll heads into flowers for use in this cheapo vase.  I've wanted to do it for-EVER.

I thought I would make the flowers out of fabric, but couldn't find a way to do it that I was happy with.  Believe me, I tried several different ways.  I also tried yarn, ribbon and paper.  It wasn't until I saw this post on the Auntie Peaches blog about deconstructing dollar store flowers to make new flowers that knew I had my solution.  Genius, Peaches!
This is my favorite dolly flower.
I found the bag of vintage doll heads at a thrift store about three years ago.  I already had the vase.  It was fate that brought us all together, I'm sure of it.
Vintage wired doll head--a great thrift store find.
This is exactly how I imagined it in my mind's eye.  I'm so pleased!  Who wouldn't be?  It's a kitsch masterpiece perfect for my dining room table!

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PEACHES said...

"kitsch" doesn't cover it! These are too cool. Slightly sinister too --flowers with heads you know -- but very cool! Would love to see a whole army of them sprinkled around a real garden.

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