Monday, March 5, 2012

Since My Embroidery Floss was Out . . .

I wrote a month ago about organizing my embroidery floss.  I still think it looks pretty like a rainbow (geeky).

Since it was all out just staring me in the face, I decided I had better embroider something.  I remembered that I once had this old tablecloth with embroidered dogs on it.  It was on it's last legs, but the dogs on it were so I cute I wanted to preserve the patterns.  I'd show you the tablecloth, but I'm not sure what became of it.  I might be hiding around this house somewhere or it may have finally met its demise.

I had managed, before the tablecloth's untimely disappearance,  to transfer the dogs to tea towels to be embroidered, but had never advanced the project any further.  Well, the time was ripe to get this project done!

I have two towels with a dog at each end of the towel.  Here are all four of the little Scotties:

How cute are they with their hats?  I love the hillbilly dog!

I don't have a plan for these tea towels.  They'll go in the gift drawer and I'm sure someone will be happy to get them.  Do you ever make things just to make them, or do you always have a plan for what you're doing?

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Denise Cerro said...

Seems having a plan for them is my motivation, otherwise they stay filed in my idea file...sometimes never to see fruition! But now that you gave me the idea of a gift drawer ...I have motivation!
Thanks again Sarah for another bright idea!

Terri said...

I'm always so far behind making things for gifts that I've already planned, that some never get made. I do have some projects in mind that I've always wanted to make... double wedding ring quilt, etc. I'll have to live to be 500 to get all the projects done, and the stash used up.

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