Monday, March 12, 2012

A String Quilt - Another UFO to Be

This last weekend I started another quilt project.  Just what I need!  Another UFO!   Lately, I can't finish a quilt top to save my life, but I'm very good at starting things.

This one is a string quilt.  What's a string quilt, you ask?  It's a scrap quilt made up of all those leftover strips of fabric you end up with over the years.
My bin of "strings" or strips of leftover fabric.
I decided to randomly sew together strips.  Some people sew their strings to a muslin base.  I don't do this; I just sew them together, then starch them really well so they hold their shape.
An example of a bunch of strips sewn together.
Once the strips are sewn together, I used a 6.5 inch square ruler to cut out my blocks.
A 6.5 inch block  I cut on the diagonal.
When you cut on the diagonal like I did, you end up with these big triangles between the blocks.
You end up with big triangles between the blocks.
Don't throw them away!  All you have to do is sew the long edges together and you can usually eke out another block.  Sometimes, you may need to add another short strip between the two long edges.  Waste not want not!
Sew together on the long edge and you can get another block out of it.
I have no final vision for this quilt and can't even say if it will ever get finished.  For now, I'm just going to have fun making the blocks and emptying my box of strings.
One possible layout for my blocks.
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Terri said...

Nice tutorial... love the blocks. There are some charities that will take your "flimsy", or even just the blocks, and finish it off to give away. Check out I did, and they made my blocks up into 2 quilts for cancer patients.

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