Meet Sara

I'm a wife to a pretty awesome guy (who is extremely creative in his own right - custom cabinetry and wooden beach cruisers) and a mom to two entertaining & adorable little ladies. Here we are ...

pic @ San Tan Flats - a super fun place here in Arizona!

When I'm not wif'ing, mothering, or working  ... I like to be crafting. As far back as I can remember I've enjoyed making things. My paternal grandmother was an amazing crocheter who could also make some phenomenal biscuits, sew, cross-stitch and give the best hugs you could ever imagine. I remember telling her she was so "soft" and how I loved to hug her ... I didn't realize that "soft" was not the most awesome word to describe a woman, but I don't think she ever minded. I have very fond memories of crafting with her ... she tried her best to teach me how to crochet and I could NEVER get it. She was left-handed (I'm right) and I just couldn't make sense of it. However, I loved to watch her. It's safe to say that she helped foster the DESIRE to make.

After college I picked up crafting again. (For any ACC fans out there, I'm an NC State Alum and please don't confuse me with going to that awful light blue place on the Hill - lol!). I turned to knitting and was hooked! I'd look forward to airplane or road trips, just because of the "knitting time"! I made lots of scarves and several tops. Knitting and I were a match. 

Then I had kids. And suddenly I didn't feel like I had enough time to knit anymore (I know that is crazy, but that's how I felt). And my two children are less than 15 months apart if that gives you any idea of what life was like for a bit. I turned to sewing ... and Sarah continually encouraged me by saying "oh, that's easy" or "you know, you could make that." We made some projects together, I took two classes from a local lady and then I was hooked on sewing! I made by first clothing item in February 2010 and it's been a whirlwind from there. Thanks to the internet and a crafty friend and co-blogger who can make ANYTHING, I am never at a loss for what to make or how to do it.

I wanted to participate in a Craft Blog for two reasons ... to have a place to collect & share projects I've made, and to connect with other creators. I thorougly enjoy reading others' craft blogs and I wanted to have a profile behind the commenter! :)

Sara vs. Sarah is great in that it continually challenges me to try new things and to CREATE something at least every other week. Thanks for clicking through SvS!
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