Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bean Bags, No Sew Flowers & More

After getting my office / craft room (or "mama's room") organized, I've been able to get crafty more! It's so much easier for me to go DO something when my space is clean and organized. Know what I mean?

Beanbags for Kids - these are just adorable. Each bag has a freezer paper stencil for the numbers 1 through 10. The girls love to play with them, collect them and work on their aim by tossing (or hurling) them into baskets. For the filling, I used a mix of lima, pinto and lentils to fill the bags and took nearly 3 lbs!

I followed a tutorial found on this cool craft blog (a pretty cool life):

05.10.2010 (19)

05.10.2010 (18)

Also, notecards embellished with fabric SCRAPS! I am convinced now that I'll never be able to throw any fabric away ... I love how they turned out and think all cards I give out will be like this! (Need boyish options though). I think my fav is the ruffle ...

05.04.2010 (2)

05.04.2010 (3)

05.04.2010 (4)

And, then there were the flowers! No Sew Fabric Flowers from my FAVORITE craft blog: made. The directions are under her Tutorials tab. I am really very obsessed with nearly everything that she makes ... all adorable. I need to get around to making the Can Can Skirt for the girls. Anyway ... I originally started making this as a project to do with my nieces during our sleepover. HOWEVER, that thing called the hot glue gun got in the way. It was HOT and consequently this turned into an "aunt only" project ...

I think I made about 40 of them ... wanted to keep them all because they are so fun and I love the color combo, but parted with most of them for Mother's Day. :-)

05.04.2010 (14)

05.04.2010 (15)

05.04.2010 (10)
So cute with a matching card

(Below --- used an old food jar, washed it and let it air out, and then just used double sided tape to adhere the yellow fabric & blue ribbon.) So simple, maybe now I'll be unable to throw out jars? I am going to turn into a hoarder if this keeps up!


Finally - Fun fun this one was! This is a train caddy that I made for Miss A's friend who moved away. Sniff sniff. BUT is in driving distance to his grandma now. SO, I thought this would be a cute way for him to travel with his 5 favorite trains!

I roughly used tutorials from Here and Here ... the first link to (Homemade by Jill) is another AWESOME craft blog. If only there were more time in the day ...

Just changed them up to hold 5 trains instead of 6 cars. Don't the faces on these Thomas characters crack you up? I think it's funny how "Diesel" and the others who aren't in Thomas' camp have sour faces. They are probably cross.

03.26.2010 (11)

03.26.2010 (9)

03.26.2010 (7)

03.26.2010 (5)

03.26.2010 (4)
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