Saturday, August 21, 2010

Warhol Dresses No. 1

I'm gonna go ahead and call this Warhol Dresses No. 1 because I made these two, but I also have made... THREE more! Guess I like this pattern, huh?

It's another MADE pattern & it's free! This is the "Warhol Dress" and it's SO FUN & quite easy to make! I love making dresses like this because I feel like they'll go along way ... once they don't fit as a dress, I can throw some leggings underneath and have the girlies wear it as a tunic. Right?

The best part? I had to buy NOTHING to make these! The dresses are made from my old Alternative Apparel tees (the burnout kind) that I don't want to wear anymore (read, they are too tight). SO, it goes in the refashion pile! The grey neckline is leftover jersey from making my Moby wrap years ago. So ... two adorable dresses totally free for me! Love it...

THIS is The best part: When putting the dress on my oldest, she asked "who made it? you make this mama? for me?" Yep - and that's one of the reasons I'll keep on doing it!

08.21.2010 (38)
Not Sure About Smiling ...

08.21.2010 (59)
With a cute bow off the shoulder ... 

Yep she's cute.

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