Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crap-a-teria No More!

I reacquainted myself with  my floor today.  It's been months since I've seen it.  Frankly, it's filthy with neglect.  Tomorrow the steam vac will be put to good use.  I'm really pleased with the fact that I just didn't move the crap out to take a picture then move it right back in.  I really put everything away properly.
I used vintage hat boxes to store my
rubber stamps and paper punches.
The way cool carousel tin holds jewelry
I got this great cabinet at Goodwill.  It's loaded
with all my paper supplies now.
I unearthed this old doll clothes kit.  I love that it says
that "any child can do it."  Yes even the moronic child
you are buying it for can do it.  It doesn't say that, but
it implies it, doesn't it?
I came across my vintage woodburning
kit.  Can you imagine an 8 year old getting one
of these nowadays?

I love this tray.  I use it all the time.  It's only about
a foot wide and is great for holding a project on your
lap.  The graphics are a hoot!  I especially love the
guy showing the squirrel his dinner. I usually seek
squirrel approval when I cook, too.
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TeardropHankys said...

I know "into the breach" is an old post...but I love it and relate! My Craft-A-Teria (love that) is my living room and somehow I seem to pull it off and still use it as a living room space. Fortunately there is only my guy and I and no kids running through. When I walk in there it makes me so happy, especially in the morning when all the great California sun is shinning in.
Thanks for sharing your progress on your great room !

Anonymous said...

What can I do to get the olive hat box from you. I know it's probably quite precious to you but I collect and have never seen one with that handle and buckle detail. LOVe IT to pieces. Please and Thank you.

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