Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Party Prep

Around here we are busy getting ready for a big birthday party which is in a couple of weeks. I'm going the simple route this year - I don't have to make any food except the cake - and I am thrilled! That means that I can make some other things instead! :-) I've always liked these fabric buntings so I wanted to try making one myself. I love how it turned out and think it'll be a fun thing to put up for the girls' birthdays every year.

This was easy to make: I cut the trianges from scraps, cut some felt into triangles, used heat 'n bond to put the letters on the bunting, added pom pom trim and put it all together with some pink bias tape! Oh I did sew the fabric triangles to the felt ones too. :-)

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Lisa said...

This banner is beautiful and so clever! I love it!

Jessica Chism said...

So cute!! The girls are going to love it!

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