Monday, September 27, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Project 2: Little Brother Refashioned Vest

Well, here's another project I finished up as part of the KCWC that I worked on last week! Project 1 is here ... and this is a coordinating vest for the little bro. It's made from the same brown sweater, only this time I had less fabric to work with, so I had to get creative!

The front is the "flap" or collar of the original sweater, only it was too short to work alone. SO ... I had to attach part of the original sweater front to the flap it in order to get enough length for the vest to work. Likewise, the back fabric was also too short -- so again I had to attach additional fabric to make the hemlime.

Not. So. Easy. This time around I did have to use my walking foot and it still wasn't enough to really get this to go through my machine easily. At one point, I thought I may have broken the machine! I definitely had to take it apart and clean out all the sweater fuzz - needed to happen anyway. Point being - the sweater is THICK. Sewing through 2 thick layers is serious business!

Anyway - it's done and it's cute. Here are the pics ...

I still cannot get over how nice the "v" forms ...

Close-Up of the Front Hem

This is a close-up of the back hem. It's different which I kind of like. This is actually part of the original sweater's belt!

Now I'm really eyeing my green cabled Gap sweater I have sitting in a pile with a different focus! I'd be fun to do this project again with a girly twist! Looks like 1 of my girls will be getting a green sweater vest.

ps- I have 1 more project to share from KCWC but I still need pictures! And I did finish another big project last week but it's under wraps because it's I's dress for our Christmas card this year - and well it's more fun if the pictures are a surprise at Christmas. BUT, trust me it's cute. I'll post pictures in December. LOL.

Shannon if you're reading - our sewing date was fun! Next up: outfits for B & A!
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