Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge Project 1: Refashioned Vest

As you may have read, I signed onto a challenge called Kids Clothes Week Challenge. The deal is a commitment to make Kid Clothes for 1 hour each day from September 20 through 26th.

Here's my first finished product ... It's a REFASHIONED Mom Sweater turned into a Childs Vest!

What I started With

The First Cut
How did I do it? I used this Tutorial from MADE. The instructions were so clear that I actually found this
easy to do! I was a little worried about making the "v" perfect (because well it's front & center on the sweater and needs to be right) but even that worked out great! I got a walking foot for my sewing machine in case that was necessary for all these layers, but I didn't end up using it. (But Sarah and I have a quilt to finish so it will not be wasted!).

Why am I making a boy sweater? A friend of a friend asked me to make something for her son to wear in their Christmas pictures. I was flattered she asked and am now relieved that it turned out so cute! There is more of the original brown sweater left, and my next project is to piece together enough to make another Vest for the little bro.

Speaking of, I better start writing and start working on my 1 hour of sewing today!

I love the fabric on this!

the "v" up close ... it worked!
The Challenge:

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Sara vs. Sarah said...
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the SARAH in Sara vs. Sarah said...

And you were afraid of a facing? Give me a break! This turned out great.

Sara said...

thanks sarah! i'm rethinking using that old pattern for the 2nd dress; Hmmm, maybe I'll bring that on Wed too!

Gowshika said...

Looks amazing!!!! /I look forward to your feedback /thanks for this man it was very helpful.
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Katherine Steven said...

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