Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sara Likes Storage - With a Refashioned Twist

For the longest time, our laundry room was just cluttered and it really bothered me ... there was all this wasted space and a pile of bags on the floor. Not Good. All my craft blog reading comes in handy from time to time and somehow or another, I ended up coming across THIS fun (and free) pattern by JCasa - lots of cool stuff on this blog, worth checking out!

It was a match made in craft heaven ... cute pattern + a trip to Ikea = organized laundry room!

Another fun tid bit about this project is this ... the lavender one (one with pink / white lining) is actually an old linen skirt that I bought from Target when I was pregnant. Thankfully the skirt ended up being too big for me ... BUT it was pretty linen, and lots of it! SO ... I cut it up and used it for this Kidlet! There is still some leftover in the ever-growing scrap pile. The other kidlet is made from khaki linen pants that may have been purchased in high school (yep, over 10 years ago) and weren't getting any use! I dug them out of the Goodwill pile in the garage and decided to convert them into something I actually would use... at this rate, I'll never be able to donate clothes anymore - it seems that I can usually find another use for them!

PS: those patches on the front are actually POCKETS!!

Aren't the linings adorable? Love the pink / white polka dot (thanks Sarah for another great fabric donation!)

Close-Ups. Given their personalities, I think "i" gets the girly one with the pocket books on it ... and "a" gets the one with the cars & buses.

You can see here ... "my" stuff hangs up top, out of the reach of little hands and "their" stuff is just right and perfect for dumping all their stuff into!
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