Tuesday, September 7, 2010

UFO Tuesday

So I was sitting here watching Glee reruns contemplating how lovely it is for them that there is always a fully rehearsed band there whenever they need to sing when I realized it must be Tuesday.  You know what that means!  Time for me to confess my UFO sins.

Let's start with this fairly recent scrap quilt:

I pulled out all my green, red and gold strips and started sewing them together and cutting them into blocks.  Then I stopped.  And there it sits.

Next up, this simple, yet striking quilt:

One time when I was sick and stuck in bed, I decided to pull out all my red scraps and cut them into 2 inch squares.  I sewed them into nine patches and thought I would put some sort of redwork block between them.  Then I got to thinking about it, and decided that redwork seems like a mindnumbingly dull thing to do.  One color?  Oh, come on.  Now, I have a vague idea about doing an applique border.  It's too vague to actually do it just yet.

Speaking of vague ideas about applique borders, let's talk about this quilt:

A lovely woman named Gudrun who is a member of the quilt guild I used to belong to gave me her "waste triangles."  (There's that term again; waste my ass!)  Look at this lovely quilt.  Again, I have an idea about an applique border.  Someday.  Some fine day.

Finally, the most glaringly obvious UFO in my house.  To "break" it up a little (that's a hilarious pun, if you haven't scrolled down yet), I thought I'd step away from the quilts.  This, my friends, is the focal point of my home, the ungrouted fireplace:

I'm pretty sure I'll grout it someday.  The problem is, it looks darn good ungrouted so there's not a lot to motivate me, especially since it promises to be a beast of a job.  Here's a bit of detail for you:

So, there we go, another UFO Tuesday under our belts.  There's still more.

Seacrest, out.

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Terry said...

Sarah I think the fireplace looks great ungrouted! I vote to spend the time on something else...like starting a new project!

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