Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sara's Past Crafts 1 & 2

The Sara vs. Sarah competition has kept me busy lately, so not much new going on craftwise, SO I thought I'd show a couple of dresses I made a while back just for fun.

These two cute dresses are made with the Sweet Little Dress Pattern by Leila & Ben. I switched it up and used a knit for both dresses and love how they turned out!

First, I made the pink and orange one ... that dress is a combination of LOTS of different things! I actually used some very old and incredibly soft undershirts and dyed them using this Tutorial from MADE. The day I was dyeing, I made some pink, orange and brown; three of my favorite colors. I still have some pink and orange left and have yet to do anything with the brown ... future project material! So, I started making the dress and loved it, but wanted to use 2 colors and given my affection for ruffles, I decided to add a big fluffy orange one right down the front. I love the way it turned out!

Then, for the "night night" dress, I used a XXL black tee shirt that had never been used (so it's nice and black!) and made the same dress. All along, I was aiming to add stars and a moon on this dress. There are tons of tutorials for "freezer paper stenciling" but of course I used the one from MADE. Hey, if you know a blog is a great source, why go elsewhere, right? This technique is SUCH FUN & the possibilities are endless! I used my paper punch for the stars and just drew a moon for that ... a couple of layers of bright yellow paint and the dress was all set!

I love this pattern - it's easy and adorable. You can make dresses or shorten it to make tops. I'm just thinking as they get taller, I'll throw leggings underneath. That seems to be my MO lately!

Fluffy Ruffle!
Love the backside too ...

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