Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday Sewing Tip on Thursday

I totally forgot about my Sunday Sewing Tip.  I'm middle-aged, forgetting is what middle-aged people do, right?

This is another storage tip post.  As you know, I love thrift stores.  One thing I'm constantly buying is old novelty planters.  These are great for ort catchers or miscellaneous doodad holders.  Here are some examples from my sewing room.
This is right next to my sewing machine.  I would guess this one is from the 1940s.  It's perfect for scissors, seam ripper, stiletto, and other miscellaneous tools.
These are on my ironing board right next to the bottle of Mary Ellen's Best Press (love that stuff).  The dog planter is an ort catcher (bits of thread or scraps), and the head vase holds a scissors and some other tools.  You could use something else for this, but this is much cuter, isn't it?  I have a poodle planter in my TV room, as well, but I forgot to take a picture of that one.

If you're off to your nearest Goodwill to look for an old planter, keep in mind that an imperfect planter is fine for this purpose.  As a matter of fact, if you can get a chipped or crazed planter for 99 cents to keep your seam rippers in, more's the better.  You don't have to worry if it gets knocked over and it's still cute.   We'll all be old and imperfect soon enough.  Let's hope someone out there still has a use for us.

One more storage tip.  I needed a button keeper.  One day, I came across this old glass humidor at a Savers store.  Buttons are pretty so this allows me to see the buttons, as well as the pretty old humidor.
The Mercury space program era lunch box isn't used for storage, but it's awesome, so I included it in the photo.  Please disregard the dust.  I have better things to do than clean.

So there's your Sunday sewing tip on Thursday.  Perhaps I'll remember the next Sunday sewing tip on Sunday, perhaps not.  But a tip is a tip so let's not quibble over the day.

Seacrest, out.

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