Thursday, October 21, 2010

Warhol "Dress" Top No. 3

So I mentioned a while back that I really like the pattern for making MADE's Warhol Dresses so much that I made, hmmm.... 5 of them! Well here is the 3rd one (the first 2 are here). This green & white knit fabric is the remnant of a tube top I bought a Target a while back. Me & the tube top ran our course, so it transferred to my ever growing "refashion" pile (in other words, the mound of clothes I'll never ever wear again, but seem to think I can make something else out of!?!? so I cannot possibly bear to throw them out). When I pilfer through my refashion pile, I always land back on this white & green, so finally I decided to do something with it. I love the contrasting red band at the top .... kind of Christmasy! Oh and I didn't even take the sides in, so this was extra easy- I just left it fall blousy on A and eliminated a whole step in making this little top!
PS ... she had a fabulous time in the pumpkin patch. She wanted to take about 10 of them home because they were all "her favorite."

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SuzyQSparkles said...

Check out Lil Blue Boo on Facebook or

She refashions knits into ADORABLE kids clothes all the time, and even sells some of her patterns. I love watching her for ideas (and have come up with a few I need to try for the boys).

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

Suzy - no way! Guess what -- I bought the LBB Sienna dress pattern a while back and actually made a couple! She's one of my favs too --I first sewed with knits using her pattern. I agree- her boy stuff is really cute! :-)

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